The Spaniard at Baltazar - University of Applied Sciences

Pablo Manteiga Bautista, a Spanish student who came to Zaprešić to study at the U.A.S. within the Erasmus programme, wrote a sincere letter about his Erasmus experience and shared his fond memories of Zaprešić.

“It seems like yesterday when I arrived on the evening of October 2 to Zaprešić to finish my college in the best way possible. From the very beginning my coordinator, teachers and students of the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar welcomed me better than I could ever imagine. They made me feel at home from the start.

This has been a great learning experience, not only in terms of language or economics.

I arrived as one of the first Erasmus students which meant that I had to integrate with the Croatian people and not with other Erasmus students like me. For me, this is the reason why it was all so special. Allowing me to learn much more in every sense and making me so connected with Croatia and your people that I am still learning your language on my own and my wish is to return very soon.

I think this makes it obvious how grateful I feel to all who have participated in one way or another to make it so special for me this year.

I would like to tell you that you are welcome in Spain when you want, but I’m sure I will return to Croatia before.

Thank you so much!”

Pablo Manteiga Bautista


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