Europe Day at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić - University of Applied Sciences

The UAS Student Council organized a public discussion as part of Europe Day celebration entitled How EU are you including a theme lecture and a panel discussion on the subject of The role of the EU in youth career development.The main guest of the public discussion How EU are you was Ivana Maletić, a member of the EU Parliament, who gave a presentation on numerous possibilities available for young people in the EU which are aimed at career development. She also praised the direction the UAS Baltazar Zaprešić is taking in collaboration with expert community and invited students to take part in the Erasmus programmes which do not only include student exchange, but many other programmes such as traineeships and collaboration with employers on various projects in the EU countries.

Ms Maletić encouraged students to show initiative and find out extra information about student exchange opportunities, in order to apply their international experiences in the development of their community. She concluded that the EU Parliament is open to young people’s suggestions related to the creation of youth policies, and their active participation is possible within different simulations of the functioning of the EU institutions.

After the lecture given by Ms Maletić, the representatives of different NGOs took part in a panel discussion where they presented their projects and project programmes as the examples of good practice.

Tomislav Kevo of the Croatian Youth Network presented this civil society organisation which acts as an alliance of 66 non-governmental organisations, while Anamarija Juroš of the Youth Centre Zaprešić introduced their collaborations in the EU projects. She invited all interested students to join their volunteer centre and also expressed gratitude to the Student Council of the UAS Baltazar Zaprešić for their close and full cooperation. Ms Juroš also used the opportunity to announce several new joint activities of the Centre and the Student Council.

Katarina Pejić, our alumna and project manager of the Youth Association Podum presented the EU activities in which our current students participated, represented by Fran Nemec. He shared his experiences and motivation for taking part in rural area development projects. Lana Domšić, the Erasmus+ programme coordinator and lecturer at the UAS Baltazar Zaprešić, introduced students to the various opportunities of participating in mobility programmes.

Public discussion How EU are you was organized as part of the project EU Funds in Classrooms by the Academy of Regional Development and EU Funds launched by the Ministry of Regional Development and EU Funds. The aim of this project is to inform and educate students about all aspects of EU funds in order to enable their inclusion in the process of economic development.

The celebration of Europe Day at the UAS Baltazar Zaprešić ended with the SMART PROjekt, a practical proposal-writing workshop held by Karlo Masnjak.

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