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If you still haven’t decided which event to attend this summer, you should definitely book the third weekend in July for the Regius festival in Šibenik. We are proud of the fact that the organiser of this festival is our student Igor Bergam, who decided to change the monotonous offer of events in Šibenik and to create a quality alternative for popular and entertainment culture in the town.

Meet Igor Bergam, our first-year student of Cultural Management and the president of the P.A.R.K. Association in Šibenik. One of their most distinguished projects is the Regius festival, which will take place on July 14 – 15!

„The Regius festival celebrates seven successful years this July. We started off with a lot of enthusiasm and love, childish naïveté and playfulness. Since then we have managed to create many good things in Šibenik. We have always tried to take a different, unconventional path and to create programmes that no one had seen before in our hometown. That was the reason we named our association P.A.R.K. (“Initiators of alternative culture development”), said Igor Bergam and took the chance to praise his team, which organized more than 30 cultural and music events in the past six years (concerts, festivals, public discussions, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, dance events…).

Every summer they bring a dozen of bands of different alternative genres to Šibenik, educate people about high-quality music, socialize with people from all parts of Croatia and region, and enjoy every minute of it, as they emphasize. So far, the Regius line-up included artists from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro and Macedonia, with bands such as S. A. R. S., Dječaci, Let 3, Brkovi, Jinx, Rambo Amadeus, Edo Maajka, Repetitor, Elemental, Disciplina kičme and many others. Besides the well-known bands from the region, the line-up always includes promising new bands or demo-artists, who get the chance to perform next to their idols. In the past six years, more than 10 000 people from Croatia and the region attended the Regius festival.

“Each year we try to make the festival bigger, stronger, better and more interesting. This year it will take place on July 14 – 15 at a super attractive location in the port area of the ex TEF plant (Electrode and Ferroalloy Plant), which is just a ten minutes walk from the city centre. There will be two stages, 14 artists, supporting facilities, gastronomic offer and free camping for visitors. All in all, it will be a real small-scale festival, but with a quality line-up and high level of production, it is definitely not on a small scale.  The most popular artists in this year’s line-up are TBF, Kojoti, Artan Lili, Pips, Chips & Videoclips, Songkillers, with many other less known bands that are definitely worth of listening“, concluded Bergam.

See you on July 14 -15 at the Regius festival in Šibenik!

The full interview with Igor Bergam will be available in the new issue of the BAK magazine which will be published in July.

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