The UAS Baltazar and the "CEPS Centre for Business Studies" College signed a cooperation agreement - University of Applied Sciences

The Dean of the UAS Baltazar Zaprešić signed a cooperation agreement with Mr Mirza Selimić, the Director of the “CEPS Centre for Business Studies” College from Kiseljak. This agreement marks the beginning of a new mutual cooperation with a higher education institution in the field of economics.

The CEPS College is a contemporary higher education institution from Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is constantly adjusting its study programmes to the requirements of the labour market and modern economy. Their mission is to develop such educational programmes that will motivate each student to recognize their capabilities and further develop their abilities towards education, thereby achieving their personal ambitions and acting for the benefit of the entire community.

The College carries out several studies in different scientific fields: Traffic Engineering (study programmes of Road Traffic and Railway Traffic); Business Economics (study programmes of Finance and Accounting, Management and Public Sector Management and Administration); Security Studies (study programme of Criminology), Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection Studies (study programmes of Occupational Health and Safety and Fire Protection);  Energetics (study programmes of Energy Management and Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Maintenance of Power Plants and Thermotechnics). The College has also launched new study programmes of Information technology and Health studies that are held in English.

Through continuous professional development and research, the CEPS College creates a dynamic academic community that is focused on the constant improvement of education quality. The main purpose of the cooperation agreement signed between the partner institutions is to enter the Erasmus+ mobility programmes through K107 projects. The partners announced various activities which will mark the beginning of cooperation, such as presenting joint guest lectures, carrying out joint scientific research projects, organizing seminars, workshops and conferences, as well as publishing papers in an international scientific journal “Social and Technical Studies”.

With this agreement, the UAS Baltazar continues to promote inter-institutional cooperation with other European higher education institutions, with the aim of positioning Baltazar as a recognisable, indispensable and quality brand name in the area of professional education in Croatia.

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