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Students of Cultural Management had an opportunity to talk to the main protagonists of the most charming festival in this part of Europe. The topics covered in one of the most intimate Baltazar lounge so far were culture, management and the practical aspects of organizing a festival.

Some of our previous guests in the Baltazar lounge were Rade Šerbedžija, Lenka Udovički, Darko Rundek,  Massimo, Mate Škugor, Ana Rucner and Husein Hasanefendić, while our first guests in 2018 were Nenad Borovčak, the founder and director of the Tabor Film Festival and Luka Juranić, the Festival’s head of marketing. A pleasant conversation on different topics was moderated by our student Renato Petek under the mentorship of prof. Barbara Franić, univ. spec. oec. This event was organized as part of the practicum for the course Management of Creative Industries within the study of Cultural Management.

The guests shared their account of the history of the Festival, from the very beginning which included one enthusiast and scarce audience, to achieving the status of an internationally acclaimed and popular film festival of national importance, attracting more than 5000 visitors in four days. During this period the founders of the festival had to face many challenges, including numerous changes of venues, problems related to financing and finding enthusiastic volunteers. Still, they managed to overcome all these difficulties and the Tabor Film Festival is nowadays organized by four professionals, one of which is Ivan Ramljak, art director and a graduate student of Cultural Management. The Festival offers the selection of the best international short films alongside with varied accompanying programme which includes interesting lectures, book promotions, numerous exhibitions, workshops and concerts.

Our guests emphasised that the most important factor of their success is enthusiasm!

They said that money should never be the only goal, adding that only a well-balanced ratio of enthusiasm and successful financial management can lead to self-sustainability. The organizers managed to brand the Festival as “the festival for smart people” and were able to attract corporate sponsorship despite the fact that it was a relatively small-scale festival. They emphasised that the most important thing in all this is to have a clear mission and vision, pointing out that students should pay special attention during lectures which cover the topics like mission, vision and other “boring” issues since formal education and knowledge is the key for success in business.

One of the topics discussed was cultural management and our guests stated that it is a very serious profession. They consider it a fast-developing segment of industry which is undergoing rapid changes in the sphere of content and finances, and they also believe that our students will easily find their place in the labour market. Our guests encouraged students to work, study and volunteer since this profile of professionals will very soon be required in the labour market.

In the end, the guests invited students to get in touch with them and take part in the organisation of the Tabor Film Festival either as volunteers or trainees with prospects of future cooperation. This invitation is valid for students of Cultural Management, so we encourage you to contact them since you don’t want to miss this opportunity!

We would like to thank our guests for their time and sincere conversation, and we are looking forward to meeting our new guests in the Baltazar lounge.

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