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Students of Public Sector Management had an opportunity to meet Mrs Anita Pavičić from the Financial Agency (Fina) and to attend her interesting lecture “Development and innovations in Fina” within the course Innovation Management held by prof. Ernest Vlačić, PhD.

The lecturer emphasised the importance of development and innovation processes which have been implemented in Fina for a long time. Students found this topic very interesting, since innovation processes in Fina, just like in other organisations in the region, followed the paradigm of closed innovation and the public didn’t know much about them until recently. Development and innovation are matters of utmost importance in Fina. As a result of constant process improvement and adjustment to new circumstances, the Development and Innovation Department was established three years ago.

In her lecture, Mrs Pavić discussed the changes Fina is facing on this path and the importance of knowing your organisation and employees well. She also identified the drivers and inhibitors of development and innovation, emphasizing in her speech to the students and professors the eventual results and future plans. Although it is sometimes considered that state-owned enterprises and public governments do not encourage innovation processes nor create a stimulating environment for these processes, our lecturer disagrees and emphasises that we should all start with ourselves since a lot of things depend on us as individuals and employees.

Sometimes, the development of a modern application or a new complex process, or even different forms of remuneration are not a guarantee of success of innovation.

The best guarantee for success is to find people who are ready to communicate and share their knowledge, experiences, ideas, who have built mutual trust with those who are responsible for development and innovation processes. Fina launches a series of events which will gather different members of “development and innovation community” in order to show that sharing knowledge and experience is vital to the success of innovation processes.

This guest lecture continues a series of practical lectures given by renowned experts from different areas, with the aim of combining practical and theoretical knowledge at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar. We would like to thank our guest lecturer Mrs Anita Pavičić and we are looking forward to hosting new guest lecturers.


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