Implementation of the digital student administration office at the UAS Baltazar - University of Applied Sciences


The Dean of the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić and the Dean of the Algebra University College signed a cooperation agreement regarding the project of implementation and integration of Infoeduka, a digital student administration office. This highly advanced system simplifies studying and offers a range of digital opportunities to students, teachers and staff.

Infoeduka will enable students to participate in international cooperation more easily and directly, register and go through the process of writing final and diploma paper, including all information about the choice, review and defence of the final paper. The digital student administration office will facilitate browsing through the UAS’s documents, providing the access to the regularly updated schedule of classes and examination periods in the current academic year. In addition, Infoeduka will enable simpler browsing through the list of Chairs and teachers, whose quality will be assessed by students via this system. Besides Infoeduka, the UAS Baltazar will introduce a mobile application which will enable the access to the digital student administration office through mobile phones with an enhanced user experience.

The implementation of the digital student administration office will raise the quality of all study programmes and teaching processes. This was verified by the Agency for Science and Higher Education, which confirmed that this system is of high quality and important for the higher education institutions. The system will be implemented during the next academic year, while the education of teachers and staff will start right away.

The implementation of the digital student administration office system will facilitate quality and modern functioning of online studies at the UAS, which will raise the level of students’ satisfaction, as they can finally forget about the days when they had to wait in a row in front of the student administration office.

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