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The Career centre was established with the aim of providing essential information to future students and giving support to our students and graduate students who want to pursue a career or continue their education. The centre helps students assess their skills, interests and values and gives information on how to continue their education or to successfully position themselves on the labour market.

We provide individual and group counselling for students, organize traineeships and monitor students’ development in cooperation with the Alumni club, Croatian Employment Service and Croatian Employers’ Association.

Career Centre activities

  • Educational and career counselling for students of professional and specialist studies
  • Analytical monitoring of employed students
  • HR counselling and mediation
  • Connecting business entities with our students’ profiles
  • Promoting lifelong learning

We are here for you

  • Helping students develop their intellectual, educational and professional potentials and connecting these potentials with learning outcomes and competences
  • Student counselling for career development on personal, professional and educational level
  • Giving support to pursue career based on interests, competences and values
  • Acknowledging values and providing IT, HR and technical support
  • Promoting innovativeness, professionalism and ethics in students’ career advancement
    • Establishing and maintaining good business contacts with various organizations and their HR departments

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