Departments - University of Applied Sciences

The University of Applied Sciences Baltazar consists of several Departments with appointed Department Chairs who implement course development strategies and encourage the faculty’s professional development, for both professional studies and specialist professional graduate studies.

Course development in Departments

Departments and its members participate in setting the learning outcomes for particular courses in relation to the needs of the study programmes, according to the national and European Qualifications Framework, and follow the learning outcomes. The developed courses in Departments are adjusted to complement syllabuses of similar courses.

The courses are interdisciplinary and complementary to courses in other departments. Based on the most recent literature and new teaching methods, they follow up the results and trends of professional and scientific research. The members of departments together with Department Chairs design extracurricular activities and programmes in line with the recommendations of the Advisory Board, the Dean’s Management Board, the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs, the Dean and the Management Board.

Professional development of the faculty in Departments

The Departments define the need for the faculty positions, with precisely specified competences needed for the admission, according to the requirements of the study programme and of educational system, following the rules of the profession.

The Department Chairs regularly monitor the quality of teachers and assistants in the teaching process and in the context of their professional training, elections into teaching positions, and career development.

University of Applied Sciences - Departments

Department of Sociology, Psychology and Similar Disciplines, Chair: prof. Ines Jemrić Ostojić, MA

Department of Foreign Languages, Chair: prof. Natalija Jurina Babović, MA

Department of Organisation and Management, Chair: prof. Mato Pušeljić, MA

Department of Marketing, Trade and Tourism, Chair: prof. Mile Šimurina, Ph.D.

Department of Accounting and Auditing, Chair: prof. Branko Parać, MA

Department of Law, Chair: prof. Milorad Ćupurdija, Ph.D.

Department of Information and Communication Sciences, Chair: prof. Stjepan Lacković

Department of General, Applied and Quantitative Economics, Chair: prof. Augustin Zbiljski, MA

Department of Finance, Chair: prof. Josip Kereta, MA

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