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The University with tradition

The University got its name after Baltazar Adam Krčelić, a famous Croatian historian, literary historian, theologian and lawyer born in Šenkovec near Zaprešić in 1715. He was extremely talented and got his education in Zagreb, Vienna and Bologna. Upon earning a doctoral degree in philosophy and theology, he held various positions, inter alia, he was the canon of Zagreb and the rector of the Collegium Croaticum in Vienna. As a man of great spirituality and intellect, with his ideas and open critique he was an ardent advocate of reforms in all areas of education, economy and governance system, with particular emphasis on education of youth in the spirit of reformism.

Baltazar wrote many books and one of them, Historiarum cathedralis ecclesiae Zagrabiensis partis primae tomus primus (1770) is kept at our University. Prior to his death he left his library fund to the Royal Academy of Sciences, thus becoming one of the founders of the National and University Library in Zagreb.

Baltazar Adam Krčelić was a famous and honourable person in Croatian history and we are proud that our University bears his name.

A unique tertiary education institution

The University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić is focused on identifying current and future expected in-demand jobs, and accordingly, all study programmes and fields of study are designed to best suit these needs. This was how we set up the study of Project Management, Communications Management and Cultural Management, which have significantly revitalized and expanded the field of tertiary education in Croatia. Furthermore, the key characteristic of the University is a dynamic adjustment of programmes and contents to the actual market needs. Therefore, it is quite common that new courses are set up, while some others are cancelled, or that didactic methods, techniques and tools are modified, or even that completely new fields of studies and study programmes are set up.

15 years of Baltazar
Chosen by over 7000 students
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Baltazar - University in the palm of your hand

The project “Baltazar – University in the palm of your hand” introduced iPad in the curriculum; henceforth Baltazar became the official Apple technology “lighthouse school” in education. Usage of iPad as well as Moodle distance education system which is used worldwide makes Baltazar the first tertiary education institution in the region which will set an example as a lighthouse of good practices in education.

High standard of study

Classes are held in modern, well‑equipped classrooms, video-conference halls and IT classrooms, while students can take a break from their duties in Zagreb Student centre restaurant and a coffee shop.

Use of modern technologies

In our modern, well-equipped library students can use modern technologies to practice their study skills and a rich library fund, as well as a distance education system “Baltazar”, an online platform for communication and accessing course materials.

Prepare your passport for new types of knowledge

The Erasmus + Charter provides study or traineeships in partner countries from Europe and worldwide. Experience what it is like to study, work and live in a different academic and cultural environment.

Baltazar leadership

Management Board

  • DRAGO BAGO, M. Sc, President of the Board
  • IVAN POKUPEC, univ.spec.oec. (Deputy: Višnja Jurač, bacc. oec.)

Dean, prof. Vladimir Šimović, PhD

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