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Duration: 2 academic years, 4 semesters
Head of the study programme: Prof. Ljubica Bakić-Tomić, Ph.D. / /
Mode of study: full-time and part-time
ECTS credits: 120
Professional title awarded with the qualification: Professional specialist of Communications Management (prof. spec. comm.).

The specialist graduate study Communications Management educates students for developing corporate communications, for managing business and other information, especially in conducting business, marketing and communication actions, campaigns, promotions, presentations etc.

Head of the study programe:
prof. Ljubica Bakić-Tomić, Ph.D.

For all additional information on the study programme, feel free to contact prof. Ljubica Bakić-Tomić, Ph.D., Head of the study programme, via e-mail

The prevailing trend in the EU economies is transfer from production to providing services, and successful communication is a prerequisite for quality in providing services. The current business market is characterized by strong competition and prevalence of new technologies, so possessing the skills of a successful communicator is of utmost importance.

The study of Communications Management enables students to receive general education in the social sciences and humanities, in the scientific fields of sociology, political science and psychology, covering various topics, for example, pop culture. The aim of this study is to train efficient, competent and self-confident managers, capable of critically evaluating the ongoing events and the content presented via means of mass communication.

The study Communications management covers several areas. It incorporates marketing communications, media and entertainment industries management, new technologies, organisational and strategic communications. Within the PR sector the students learn how to employ writing and speaking skills, how to conduct a survey on consumer behaviour or media research, exploit them for creating a strategic communication plan and evaluate and measure its effect.

In the segment of media and entertainment industries students acquire media literacy skills in order to understand the basic rules of media rhetoric and audiovisual communication and be able to write, record and produce their own audiovisual work. In the segment of new technologies communications, students are taught to understand the effects of the new technologies and are familiarized with the basic concepts, theories and latest achievements in the new media environment. The area of corporate communication management is particularly interesting to students who want to pursue a career or show interest in the areas of human resources, corporative communication, strategic planning, consulting, lobbying and other managerial functions.

Communications managers have excellent and effective communication skills, which is their greatest strength and value they bring to a company. The study of Communications Management is focused on communication – and communication means people. Communications managers initiate and motivate, they identify the needs and interests of clients and stakeholders. They analyse the data in order to understand the situation and the people involved. Finally, they are capable of assessing effects and results, learn from the obtained result and constantly improve their work. All this makes the diploma of Communication Management an excellent intellectual investment for our students.

This is exactly the reason why every organisation needs a communications manager who will facilitate and improve the organisation’s business and results, motivate employees and create a positive public image. Our graduate students work in a range of positions, organisations and industries: entertainment industry, media, marketing, consulting and lobbying companies, as lectures, trainers, spokesmen, PR consultants, etc.

Lectures held in a modern, well-equipped location in Zagreb.

The Study Communications Management is carried out in our modern, well-equipped location in Zagreb, 23 Lastovska Street.

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