Financial Management - University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 2 academic years, 4 semesters
Head of the study programme: Dragoljub Amidžić, Ph.D. / /
Mode of study: full-time and part-time
ECTS credits: 120
Professional title awarded with the qualification: Professional specialist of Financial Management (prof. spec. oec.).

The study provides highly-specialized professional knowledge and skills required for solving specific managerial problems with systematic approach, in the sphere of financial management and decision making for business entities in private and public sector. The programme is carried out by scientists and top experts from the world of business, using the methods of problem-solving, interactive teaching, specialist interdisciplinary workshops, case studies and various simulations of real-life managerial problems in the financial sector.

Head of the study programme:
Dragoljub Amidžić, Ph.D.

For all additional information on the study programme, feel free to contact Mr Dragoljub Amidžić, Ph.D., Head of the study programme, via e-mail

The highly-specialized knowledge and competences of a financial manager are crucial for creating a synergy effect, which is an essential prerequisite for obtaining and maintaining private and professional comparative advantage in the labour market. Regardless of the economic entity type, the well qualified specialists in the field of financial management are an irreplaceable human potential without which it would not be possible to create additional economic value. Nowadays, in the time of growing structural and processual complexity and dynamics, the knowledge and implementation of specific tools in financial management and decision making are becoming conditio sine qua non of success.

The specialist graduate study Financial Management enables you to gain highly-specialized knowledge and skills required for day-to-day management and decision making in the sphere of finance. We will teach you how to solve specific, particular and systematic problems in the area of finance.

The study provides the upgrade of basic and professional knowledge and skills acquired during the professional study of Business and Finance, and qualifies you for management and decision making positions in the sphere of finance in private and public sector, as well as at a national and international level. As the future specialists of financial management you will be qualified for professional engagement in business financial activities, successful management of financial policies, solving specific problems in small and medium-sized enterprises, multinational corporations, financial institutions, consultancies and public sector institutions.

We organize workshops for small groups of students, where they have an opportunity to analyse and learn about different aspects of financial markets and institutions. Workshops under mentorship of the Head of the study programme, prof. Ivona Santini, Ph.D. are led by renowned experts with long experience in Croatia and abroad from companies such as Adris grupa. The special feature of these workshops is that they use the flipped classroom model, which means that they are aimed at the students and at their understanding of financial terms and markets, communicative skills and transfer of information to their colleagues.

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