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The university is actively engaged in preparation and implementation of the EU research and development projects financed by the ongoing national and international programmes and funds (ESI funds, European Territorial Cooperation Programmes and the European Union Programmes).

Both the faculty and staff are involved in entire project cycle management, which contributes to further development of new study programmes and improvements in the current ones. In addition, it provides good quality education and strengthens the recognition of the University as a relevant factor of social and economic development in its community.

Students are also invited to fully participate in all project activities, which helps them apply the knowledge they gained during the study and acquire new skills and experience.

EU project AWO - Academic Writing Online

EU projekt AWO

The EU project AWO is financed by funds for ERASMUS+ KA2 Programme – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices. Our professor Ksenija Stojaković, project coordinator, together with her colleagues from Fachhochschule Burgenland (University of Aplied Sciences Burgenland, Eisenstadt) and five other partners from Middle and Eastern Europe develops and prepares the online course Academic Writing Online.

The course consists of series of recorded lectures, texts and presentations with instructions for writing the final paper, scientific paper or professional paper. The aim of the project is in line with one of the Europe 2020 strategy targets, which is increasing the share of the population aged 30-34 having completed third level education to at least 40% by the end of 2020. The project is financed by the EU funds and is available to everyone who wants to take the last step towards completing their degree and master the technique of academic writing.

The original course modules are prepared in German and English, and are subsequently translated and adjusted to five Middle and East European languages. These modules impart skills relevant for academic writing, while an additional module aimed at teachers helps them better support students during the writing process. A brochure about AWO is available here.

EU project Clustering Creativity

EU projekti

The EU project Clustering Creativity is a name of the international Erasmus+ project which aims to engage the academic community with the challenges of digital economy and to keep pace with the fast-growing enterprises whose business models are based on creativity and digital literacy in creative media. The collaborators in this complex project which introduces a modern module aimed at professional knowledge are professors Lana Domšić, Stella Antolović and Stjepan Lacković, while Mrs.Vesna Kotarski is the project coordinator for our University.

The project Clustering Creativity gathers many partners from the sphere of education and marketing: Vilnius Gediminas Technical University, Digital Academy, VRP Hill+Knowlton Strategies, Stuttgart Media University, RISEBA and Edinburgh Napier University, to name some of them.

The aim of the project is to create online modules and a platform which will connect tertiary students with marketing experts and small and medium sized businesses. This allows students to suggest their creative solutions to marketing experts and different enterprises on various online marketing platforms.

 Visit the platform at:

EU project LAG Sava

EU projekti

The University is a member of the Sava LAG (Local Action Group) and fully participates in developing activities for the Local Development Strategy. The LAG is an instrument within the LEADER-CLLD (Community Led Local Development) mechanism for implementing rural development measures by connecting stakeholders from the public, civil and business sector.

More details on LAG Sava:


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