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The Office of Quality Management was established in 2015, continuing the work of the Quality Assessment Committee which was formed in 2011, and whose activities were coordinated by prof. Dragan Funda, Ph.D, Assistant Dean of the Development of New Study Programmes. Quality assurance is an important segment of higher education system, which has significantly contributed to improvements in European education, and also in other action lines of the Bologna Process – from developing qualification framework to promoting the use of learning outcomes.

The higher education institutions boost their competitiveness, transparency and reputation by following quality assurance programmes, whilst constantly reassessing the efficiency of existing mechanisms for performance improvement and suggesting the new ones.

We develop the so called "culture of quality", where all stakeholders take responsibility for quality assurance in the course of their duties.


The Office’s tasks are evident from its name; its purpose is to assure the quality of the University. Quality assurance includes all activities undertaken with the aim to continually improve the institution’s performance processes. Its task is to involve all stakeholders in the process, who are directly or indirectly engaged in the learning and teaching activities, while taking into account the Standards and Guidelines for quality assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG). This is a series of guidelines for the development of internal and external assessment of quality assurance systems, prepared by the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA). The guidelines were first adopted 10 years ago, but were revised in 2015 in order to improve their usefulness in the European higher education area.

Defined standards and guidelines contribute to common understanding of the quality system and its assurance in learning and teaching process, but also reflect changes of the new education paradigm. The key ideas of all quality assurance activities are responsibility and improvement. Hence, the Office will provide and collect information concerning the quality of the University, and also advise and recommend activities for improvement of performance, aiming to implement the culture of quality accepted by all stakeholders – from students to the Board.

The Office of Quality Management is available to everyone - faculty, staff and students.

Students can give suggestions to their representatives in Students’ council or contact us directly. We will respect their anonymity if they wish so, and all their suggestions will be registered, forwarded to the relevant governing body and replied to promptly. We wish to engage students as partners and take this opportunity to invite them to contact us should they have any constructive suggestions for quality improvement.

What are the tasks of the Office of Quality Management?

The Office’s task is to assure the continuous quality of the University, and some of its key ideas are:

  • developing the culture of quality
  • taking responsibility and improving the culture and quality, and
  • developing a sense of responsibility of all stakeholders, as well as students.

How can students contribute to the work of the Office?

We welcome students’ suggestions, recommendations and ideas, and will gladly listen to their problems and respect their wish for anonymity.

How can students report problems, express their opinion or present their ideas?

At the end of every academic year, a survey is conducted among students. The aim is to get feedback on teaching quality and other aspects of work, such as satisfaction with the library, traineeship, organised events, and so on. The results are carefully analysed and each remark is seriously considered in order to ensure the best quality of the University.

Besides, the Office is open all academic year and we are available via email:

Is students' opinion really taken into consideration?

You have asked for it, we have achieved it: canteen, Wi-Fi, benches around the University building, more active student life, and many other things. Students have stated their wishes in conducted surveys, and the University has fulfilled them.

Besides, the Office is open all academic year and we are available via email:

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