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Sementa Rajhard is our student of Business Economics and Finance, who is also pursuing her acting and music career and is in charge of the company “Zabavni park ADRIA” (“Amusement Park ADRIA”) for children and adults.

“Why did I choose Baltazar? It’s the University which helps me and my colleagues generate ideas about business, organisation, ways of communicating with subcontractors and creating new business alliances.”

I am into acting and music, but my job primarily involves managing the company “Zabavni park ADRIA”, with facilities for both children and adults. We participate in various events and in collaboration with one agency we have launched the “Pancake Festival” which attracted more than 20,000 visitors in Tuškanac, where it was held. This year the Festival will go on tour in Rijeka, Pula and Split. I also take part in the WBC (Water Balloon Challenge) at Lake Jarun, Zagreb, where around 3000 guests from Great Britain are expected. We also organise different concerts and provide their media coverage.

I would like to commend our professors and their assistants who put in a lot of effort to explain and clarify different problematic assignments. In the first year of study, we learned legal terms, which helped me a lot in doing business, not only as an additional knowledge but also as a great aid to boost my morale and take firm standpoints in articulating my ideas.

As I said before, I also work in media where I get the chance to meet a lot of famous people. I often help my colleagues with the organisation of various festivals where we participate in humanitarian actions as media partners. I got the idea during English class at Baltazar where we covered this topic. These are just a few examples showing how Baltazar encourages its students to acquire new knowledge and create new ideas which will drum up their business. Currently, we are young enthusiasts, but we will soon become excellent entrepreneurs.”

Krešimir Jakovina, a student of Business Economics and Finance, works as a Business Relationship Manager within Client Portfolio Management in Raiffeisenbank Austria Zagreb (RBA).

“My friends and acquaintances who graduated from Baltazar were trying to persuade me to enrol at Baltazar, so I finally did it. All of them recommended Baltazar, and that was the main reason I chose Baltazar.

Since I am in charge of clients and often deal with investments, company’s business activities, liabilities and calculations, I believe that this study and knowledge I acquire will help me improve relationships with my clients so I can become more competitive at work. It will help me reach a higher level at work, which I see as an advantage of this study programme. I can already say from this point of view after finishing the first year of study that I see a positive change in the way I think about and approach my work. I see this as a result of knowledge gained in lectures.

Who knows, maybe I will come up with a great idea and become an entrepreneur! I am sure that I can expect several great years of socialising and learning since I heard that the company is really excellent (both professors and assistants said so). Also, I would like to commend our professors and their assistants who are very patient and always at our disposal for numerous questions and dilemmas, but with their help we can learn everything!”

Rene Marincel, a student of Business Economics and Finance, is a wedding organiser in a company “Vjenčanja Marincel” (“Marincel Weddings”).

“I have chosen Baltazar and I am very satisfied!”

Last year when I was planning to enrol at university, the only thing I knew was that I want to study part-time Economics since I couldn’t opt for full-time study due to my business obligations. I organise weddings and various events on Marincel estate, and when you organise someone’s most important day in their lives, everything has to be perfect. It was important for me to be able to successfully combine work and study.

I always like to ask for first-hand experiences, so I contacted my friends and colleagues to see if they were satisfied with their choice of university. All of them recommended Baltazar, so I made my decision! Upon finishing the first year of study I have improved my knowledge of business organisation, finances, law and English language, and I have acquired new communication and negotiation skills.

I would also like to compliment our professors and their assistants who give their best and always try to explain covered topics with a smile. Upon finishing the undergraduate study, I will continue my education and enrol at the graduate study Financial Management, and I will definitely recommend Baltazar to everyone.”

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