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The Student Council is a peer-elected student body aiming to meet the interests of students. It participates in the work and the decision-making processes of the University’s bodies and represents students in higher education system. It ensures that student standards and quality of the study are maintained, participates in planning of different events, social gatherings, trips, public discussions, conventions, projects, etc.

Diana Sliško, the President of the Student Council of the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić

The elected student representatives regularly hold meetings where they share experiences, solve current problems, organize international student visits, public and roundtable discussions, conferences, social events for students, for example freshman parties, student journeys and many others.

We invite all students to participate in activities of the Student Council.

Become an initiator of positive changes! Many positive changes have been introduced by our student representatives: student restaurant at Baltazar; subsidized dining service and student dormitory accommodation for students at private higher education institutions in Croatia; issuing a diploma instead of a certificate upon completing undergraduate study, and many others.

Work on specific projects! Working on projects gives you an opportunity to collaborate with the Croatian Government and the Board of the University and improve your communication, negotiation and business skills.

Be one step closer to your dream job! Being a student representative involves engagement in the Student council’s activities and networking with representatives from Croatia and worldwide. This provides an excellent reference in your CV which has helped many students find a job while still studying.

Travel and have fun! Student representatives participate in planning and organizing freshman parties, student travels, official trips to student conferences in Croatia, Europe and worldwide.

Student ombudsperson at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar Zaprešić, Valentina Terihaj

Who is a student ombudsperson?

  • Receives student complaints concerning their rights and discusses them with the governing bodies of the University
  • Advises students on how to exercise their rights
  • Participates in the disciplinary proceedings against students in order to protect their rights
  • Does other activities stipulated by the general legal act of the University.

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