Business Economics and Finance - University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 3 academic years, 6 semesters
Head of the study programme: Petra Popek Biškupec, Ph.D. / /
Mode of study: full-time and part-time
ECTS credits: 180
Professional title awarded with the qualification: Professional baccalaureus / baccalaurea of Business Economics and Finance

The study of Business Economics and Finance enables students to obtain contemporary scientific insights and master the skills related to operative business and company management in a dynamic environment, primarily at operational decision-making level.

Head of the study programme
Petra Popek Biškupec, Ph.D.

For all additional information on the study programme, feel free to contact Mrs Petra Popeb Biškupec, Ph.D., Head of the study programme, via e-mail

The professional study of Business Economics and Finance has a modern systematic approach to understanding business and company management at operational decision-making level. The programme is designed so as to integrate contemporary scientific insights and skills needed for operative business and company management, as well as the models, techniques and methods for applying the acquired knowledge and skills in various areas of practical company business.

The study of Business Economics and Finance enables students to acquire skills and knowledge needed for:

  • starting, managing and analysing their own business ventures
  • active participation, decision-making and problem-solving in the operational decision-making process in a company
  • preparing the bases for making operational business decisions in a company
  • applying procedures, methods and techniques at operational decision-making level in a company
  • analysing and interpreting the results achieved at operational decision-making level in a company
  • research

The Students of Business Economics and Finances often participate in various national and international competitions. Every team has its mentor, and in 2015 our students won the 1st place in the PAR start-up clinic which was held in Rijeka. They also won the 3rd place in the international NIBS Business Plan competition in Finland and participated in the Business Plan Competition in Missouri, USA. Besides partaking in various projects, the students also participate in a debate club where they discuss current issues in economics and also regularly go on academic field trips.

Examples of practical teaching

As part of the Small Business Management course within the start-up workshop, third-year students have presented their projects to an expert jury.

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