Cultural Management - University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 3 academic years, 6 semesters
Head of the study programme: Konstanca Korenčić Kampl, Ph.D. / /
Mode of study: full-time and part-time
ECTS credits: 180
Professional title awarded with the qualification: Professional baccalaureus / baccalaurea of economics

The first and unique study designed to provide education for cultural managers, a profession which drives creative industries as one of the main developmental forces. The study is unique because it provides basic managerial knowledge, but also comprises a number of courses on culturology, which, combined with work placements, qualify the managers for direct participation in the labour market in the area of culture.

Head of the study programme:
Konstanca Korenčić Kampl, Ph.D.

For all additional information on the study programme, feel free to contact Konstanca Korenčić Kampl, Ph.D., Head of the study programme, via e-mail

Are you interested in multimedia, art, theatre, literature, movies or heritage? Do you dream of becoming a manager of a successful brand or an entrepreneur starting your art gallery? Do you want to become a person creditable for development of computer games market?

If you answered any of these questions affirmatively, than Cultural Management is the right choice for you. Cultural managers work in marketing (as marketing managers, sales and marketing coordinators, public relations managers), in planning and fundraising as plan and/or fundraising managers/coordinators, special programmes/projects coordinators, production managers, artist managers/coordinators, stage/technical managers, production planners, HR managers/coordinators, volunteer coordinators, but also as finance managers, auditors, accountants, IT managers, etc.

By completing the professional study of Cultural Management, the students gain knowledge and understanding of different aspects of culture, society and topics such as institution and cultural project management; organisation of institutions and projects in the culture sector; relationship of culture and economy; cultural marketing; IT programmes and other tools required in contemporary cultural management.

The students will be able to apply the knowledge they have gained in designing and implementing business plans, projects and/or programmes in the culture sector; analysis and assessment of business results, decision-making in management and usage of information technologies in business processes. They will also acquire the skills needed for successful communication in business environment and making legal, professional and ethically correct business decisions. Furthermore, they will learn how to present information, ideas and problems, as well as their solutions related to business activities of an institution or implementation of projects in the culture sector. The teachers will help students develop learning skills necessary for lifelong learning and continuation of education.

Our students of Cultural Management are known for their active participation in many creative workshops and projects. They took part in a project presenting the exhibition “Why don’t we know anything about Jelica Jug?” and in the project of the Klis fortress revitalisation. As part of the course Audiovisual activities, students are engaged in special projects, such as directing, shooting and editing movies. They have an opportunity to learn about these processes in a very creative and fun way, with the top experts in creative industries as their mentors.

Examples of practical teaching

The students of Cultural Management have devised and developed a concept of the Museum of false promises as part of one of their courses.

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