Information Technologies - University of Applied Sciences

Duration: 3 academic years, 6 semesters
Head of the study programme: Prof. Vladimir Šimović, Ph.D. / /
Mode of study: full-time and part-time
ECTS credits: 180
Professional title awarded with the qualification: Professional baccalaureus / baccalaurea of Business Information technologies (bacc. inf. tech.)

One of the most wanted competences in the European market are IT competencies. This study provides the knowledge of programming, networks, mobile applications development, system engineering, but also legal regulations in the IT sector, project management, finance, econometrics and digital marketing.

Head of the study programme:
Prof. Vladimir Šimović, Ph.D.

For all additional information on the study programme, feel free to contact prof. Vladimir Šimović, Ph.D., Head of the study programme, via e-mail

The specialty of this programme and its main feature is its interdisciplinarity which is evident in interconnecting different contents and highly elaborated learning outcomes for each course. When devising syllabuses, we considered the expert profile we want to educate. This study provides first-class education from the field of finance, law, economy, business processes, management and IT.

Upon completing the study of Information Technologies, the students will be able to:

  1. Work with hardware and software components at advanced level,
  2. Apply mathematical methods, models and techniques for solving problems in programming or business and information system design,
  3. Assess trends in the current operating systems and estimate their applicability for the requirements of an organisation or individual,
  4. Identify the needs for designing a connection between a computer system, programme support and operating system functions,
  5. Apply the basic level of C Sharp and JAVA programming,
  6. Apply the advanced level of creating CMS, HTML, XML and CSS content,
  7. Create advanced level MySQL database,
  8. Work with server applications at the basic level,
  9. Use business and data processes modelling techniques in organisations, and apply models in information and business system development,
  10. Create information systems at the basic level,
  11. Apply methods and techniques of information and programme system development,
  12. Configure computer network at the basic level,
  13. Apply the basic level of econometric analysis,
  14. Work with IT tools in project management at the basic level,
  15. Apply the basics of legal regulations in e-commerce,
  16. Manage the flow of funds in project budget management at the basic level,
  17. Create mobile and web applications at the basic level,
  18. Use IT tools for digital marketing at the basic level,
  19. Apply the learning skills required for lifelong learning and continuation of education.

The quality of the undergraduate professional study Information Technologies was recognized by many stakeholders in economy, among others, the Croatian Employment Service and the Croatian Employers’ Association, who believe that there is a need in our society for those qualifications gained upon completion of the study Information Technologies at the University of Applied Sciences Baltazar.

Recommendation of Croatian Employment Service

Recommendation of Croatian Employers’ Association

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