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Project “Baltazar – University at your fingertips” was introduced at the International scientific conference “Printing and Design 2015”. It features a comprehensive system of m-learning, which consists of introducing iPad in the learning process, e-library and e-publishing.

Introducing iPad in the learning process is a unique project of our University which enables students and teachers to have classes with an emphasis on developing critical thinking skills, cooperation and creative innovation, aided by information and communications technology.

“Due to a specific approach which includes a complete change of teaching process, our University has become the official Apple technology “lighthouse school” in education for this part of Europe”, said prof. Mario Dumančić, Ph.D.

Hybrid online study

We are introducing a new model of hybrid online study for all three majors of undergraduate professional study Business and Management (Business Economics and Finance, Cultural Management, Office Management) as well as for our new specialist professional graduate study Public Sector Management. The implementation of hybrid online study will facilitate the learning process primarily for part-time students.

This is a study designed in such a way that face-to-face coursework at the University is complemented with online learning. More specifically, students will be able to complete part of the courses related to seminars, practices, and even teamwork via distance education system Baltazar. Unlike fully online courses, hybrid study fosters face-to-face interaction with teachers, who are important for explaining course topics, monitoring students’ results and motivating students.


E-library is a project enabling our students to borrow e-books which are available free of charge, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without leaving home. E-books facilitate and simplify the learning process, since they can be searched, bookmarked, annotated and shared more easily than hard-copy format.

“E-library is particularly interesting to our students at the branch campus Biograd na Moru and the branch office in Zagreb, because they will no longer have to come to Zaprešić to borrow literature for exams”, said Gordana Šiber, dipl. phon., russ., bibl.



The central activity of e-publishing is selling books published by the University. This professional literature is interesting not only to students but to life-long learners as well, who are trying to improve and upgrade their knowledge of economy, entrepreneurship, culture, management and project management. E-publishing was established one year ago, and since then every published book and older issues have been digitally published in electronic format. So far, this kind of publishing has proved to be an excellent addition to the traditional publishing, since it is more available, faster, cheaper and ecologically more acceptable. There are about 50 publications which are currently sold on a specialized portal

Electronic publishing is expected to evolve towards multimedia, so our readers will be able to see video content, besides text. E-catalogue of the University publications is available here.


One of the objectives of the University’s strategic development is promoting m-learning or mobile learning. It is a model of studying and learning supported by iPad devices where time and location are of no importance.

“Unlike traditional education model, where a student comes to university, we want to come to our students so that they can have University at their fingertips”, said Dean, prof. Vinko Morović, Ph.D

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